Monday 14 September 2015

'Robbery' Expansion Pack For 'Battlefield: Hardline' Gets Release Date

EA Games announced that the new “Robbery” downloadable content (DLC) pack for “Battlefield: Hardline” would be getting released on Sept. 16 for “Battlefield” premium members. Those who are not premium users will have to wait sometime after the aforementioned release date, possibly a week after it comes to them.
The expansion DLC is a big one for the game, as it adds a five-on-five mode called “Squad Heist”, along with additional weapons, gadgets, vehicles and even more content. According to GameSpot the “Squad Heist” mode was inspired by the “Squad Rush” mode seen in “Battlefield 4,” so fans of the series cane expect some similarities, with the soldiers getting replaced by cops and robbers.
According to the official “Battlefield” website, the main theme of the DLC pack is robbing people, hence the “Robbery” title. The new maps and modes are designed for the criminal players to make a big plan to get all the goods and for the cops to stop them from executing the plan before it is too late.
“Robbery” is the second expansion DLC pack to hit the game, the first being the “Criminal Activity” expansion. Following the release of “Robbery” two more add-ons will follow: “Getaway,” which is scheduled for a fall 2015 release and “Betrayal,” which will come out sometime in early 2016.
Fans interested in all of the DLC for “Battlefield: Hardline” can purchase them all with a discount by getting the $50 “Hardline” Season Pass. This is not the first game to have a Season Pass and it will not be the last one, so the real question is if hardcore fans want to play more of "Battlefield: Hardline."
Compared to its predecessors, “Battlefield: Hardline” can be considered a bit of a disappointment. The game was met with average and mediocre reviews upon its release, with very little opinions changing since. However, EA Games was very happy with how well the game did in sales, with 80 percent of the sales coming from current-generation buyers.
Those who have not purchased the game yet, but have an interest in cop dramas, can buy “Battlefield: Hardline” in most retail and digital stores. The game is available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and the Windows PC.

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