Sunday 13 September 2015

Anno 2205 Trailer Is Up Against The Elements With The New Arctic Zone


I’ve always wondered where they find those people to do AI-twinged voice-overs for sci-fi strategy games, but Anno 2205’s creative director Dirk Riegert has solved the mystery once and for all in the latest trailer for Blue Byte’s game. He sounds like he should be telling me where the emergency exits are on a drop-pod.
Anyway, aside from Riegart’s mesmerising voice there’s all sorts of words being spouted about the real-time strategy / city builder mish-mash that is Anno 2205. There’s a total of four different environments that need to be managed concurrently, comprising a crater on the Moon, a temperate Earth climate, and the iceberg-laden Arctic, and combat missions.
This time around combat is being spun off entirely from the city-building, so players will have 'crisis sectors' where war is waged. This is after fan feedback when players were, perhaps understandably, a bit miffed when their well-constructed cityscapes were blown to smithereens by invaders. The size of your naval fleet is determined by the size of your city, and you can send it out to gather rare resources. Once your units return, they can be upgraded with additional abilities.

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