Friday 25 September 2015

Alison Brie Returns As Unikitty In The Newest "Lego Dimensions" Trailer

So far in the lead-up to the September 27 release date of Lego Dimensions, we've seen Joel McHale, Christopher Lloyd, and the voices of Chris Pratt, Michael J. Fox, Elizabeth Banks, and more. Now it's Unikitty's turn to give the world a peek at the highly anticipated video game that crosses characters, movie properties, and more in the toy brand's multiverse.

This time Alison Brie, like McHale and Lloyd before her, gets a mysterious delivery that turns out to be a rather powerful Lego set. But when one small piece is missing, the deep rage within rears its vengeful head, even if for just a fleeting moment.

It's a fun, if less elaborate, continuation of a thoroughly charming marketing campaign for the game. The game footage of a Batmen slapfight is just an added bonus.

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