Friday 25 September 2015

'WWE 2K16' roster news: The Terminator featured in new gameplay trailer


A new gameplay trailer for "WWE 2K16" was recently released by 2K Games. It features some of the interesting new additions in the soon-to-be released professional wrestling game.
In the trailer dubbed as "Oh Hell Yeah," the different entrance acts of some of the most popular WWE superstars are seen, including several fan-favorites like Seth Rollins, John Cena, The New Day, and Brock Lesnar, among others. But perhaps the highlight is Stone Cold showing his iconic "Stone Cold Stunner" as he performs it on The Rock and Vince McMahon. 
As an added feature, the trailer also shows what the players will get when they pre-order the game through selected shops like Gamestop, Amazon, and other popular retailers that accept pre-orders. For the 17th major installment in the "WWE 2K" game series, a bonus character for the pre-ordered game happens to be actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his legendary "Terminator" character T-800. 
The former California governor and popular action star recently chatted with IGN to talk about his participation in the pro wrestling video game matches. When asked what he would want to be called if he ever joined WWE professionally, Schwarzenegger said that he would like to be called the Austrian Oak since that was what his peers during his bodybuilding stint used to call him. 
The actor also said that it would not be a fair battle if his character T-800 gets chosen to fight anyone in the ring because it would be hard to fight a machine. Yet he also shared that he would love to see the Terminator and Conan the Barbarian, two of his former film characters, fight on top of the WWE ring. 
Schwarzenegger was also asked about his favorite WWE wrestlers of all time, and it took him a little while before he could actually answer. 
"I love them all, The Rock, Stone Cold, but I really identify with Bruno Sammartino," Schwarzenegger said. "He is a fellow immigrant, and he is truly a legend. He sold out Madison Square Garden 187 times! And he is so powerful. I remember the first time I saw him picking up someone over his head. Imagine the power. And he is the sweetest, most inspirational guy." 
"WWE 2K16" will be released for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on Oct. 27 in North America and Oct. 30 in Europe.


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