Tuesday 15 September 2015

1979 Revolution is a game about the Iranian Revolution

In 1979, Iran overthrew its monarchy, and replaced them with an Islamic republic in what is now known as the Iran Revolution. One important day in the revolution is known as Black Friday, where martial law was declared. Shots were fired on a crowd of anti-Shah protesters, killing 64 of them and wounding more.
It’s not a time of history many people are aware of (I sure wasn’t), and the upcoming game 1979 Revolution aims to tell its story. It’s an adventure game where you play as Reza, a photojournalist in Tehran during the revolution.
To remember Black Friday, and in anticipation of the game’s release, developer Ink Stories has released a prologue video showing how the massacre affected the protagonist.
In a way, this game is giving me a similar feeling that Assassin’s Creed does. I love games that explore parts of history I know little about, and this seems to be going for a much more realistic representation of the events than what you’d see in AC.
There is no release date announced for 1979 Revolution other than “Fall 2015,” however I’m really interested to see how it all pans out.

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