Wednesday 19 August 2015

Studio 4°C Announces Global Netflix Streaming Plans for Anime

"Princess Arete," "Mind Game," Genius Party" and "Tweeny Witches" Coming in September

Studio 4°C has delivered on their teaser of international plans for streaming anthology Genius Party and acclaimed feature Mind Game. Those works, along with Sunao Katabuchi's 2001 feminist fairy tale film Princess Arete, inspired by Diana Coles's 1983 story The Clever Princess, and Yoshiharu Ashino's 2004 magic girl TV anime/OVA Tweeny Witches, will be offered starting in September.

Netflix will launch its streaming service in Japan on 2nd September.  On the same day, STUDIO4℃’s films: Princess Arete, MIND GAME, Genius Party, and Genius Party Beyond will be available worldwide in HD.

【Release Schedule】
September 2nd
Princess Arete
Genius Party
Genius Party Beyond

September 15th (Tentative date)
Tweeny witches

Australia/New Zealand
Latin America (minus Brazil) *Tweeny Witches will not be available in Latin America
Rest of World (minus China, HK, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Arabic Speaking countries)


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