Tuesday 18 August 2015

'One Piece' Chapter 797 Rumors: Straw Hat Pirates' Members to Receive Prize Boost Starting Aug. 24?

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"One Piece," the 797th Chapter of the Japanese manga, forecast for potential storylines are impending since the greatly anticipated extension of the tale is supposed to be out on the stands by Aug. 24. It will be included in the 39th issue of WSJ.
With the upcoming "One Piece," there is a possibility of a boost in the prize awarded for every member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Movie News Guide reported. It is believed that "Black Leg" Sanji will obtain the highest point of almost 30 million while he fights with Vergo, the "Demon Bamboo."
"One Piece" hints have also suggested that either Zoro or Monkey D. Luffy will fight with the task force led by Admiral Fujitora. In Chapter 795, it can be recalled that Fujitora has at last decided to take on the pirates, making him an underdog against Luffy.
Other reports about "One Piece" say that Luffy's fighting skills is at the same level with that of Don Quixote Doflamingo's, which puts him as a possible contender. Nonetheless, fans believe that he may just pass up on the fight altogether so as to have the opportunity to tell Rebecca about her father.
Meanwhile, it is more likely that "One Piece's" Luffy, along with the rest of Straw Hat Pirates, might soon be leaving Dressrosa. If this comes to a fulfillment, Dressrosa may either be put in the controlling hands of the Pirates, or the Marines will get to create their set of rules and seize the terrain of the King's Palace.
One of the key aspects to note in the "One Piece" story is Sengoku. This could potentially influence the World Government's relationship with Dressrosa and Doflamingo.
Amidst all the "One Piece" excitement, an announcement was made that the latest chapter will be released a week later than the original schedule that was first set on Aug. 17th. This is due to the celebration of the Oban Holiday where Weekly Shonen Jump takes a week off, One Piece Podcast shared.

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