Tuesday 11 August 2015

One Piece Chapter 797: Biggest Arc To Commence, Return Of Doflamingo?

One Piece

In One Piece chapter 796, we see what's going on in Dressrosa regarding the Strawhats, Marines, and the other pirates stationed in the King's palace. Former Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Tsuru make their appearance and chastise Admiral Fujitora about his work ethic regarding the pursuing of Strawhat Luffy and Trafalgar Law.
Surprisingly, we see Fujitora roll the dice as he did in chapter 795 and we see that "fate" has decided that it was time to capture the pirates.
The key detail of the chapter was Sengoku's appearance at Dressrosa. What could that mean in regards to the World Government's relations with Doflamingo and Dressrosa? Could we see stipulations made that will continue to make Dressrosa a pawn of the World Government?
Regarding Doflamingo, YouTuber Alpha2late17 suggested an interesting theory. The theorizer suggested that Doflamingo's alliance with Kaido would be one of betrayal and that the artificial devil fruits are actually bugged with Doflamingo's parasite.

It's an interesting theory considering that there is no way that the Strawhats and Heart pirates will be able to take down Kaido alone. They needed an alliance with hundreds of pirates in Dressrosa solely for the defeating of Doflamingo and his competent crew.
They will likely need the help of another Yonkou, or indirect help from Doflamingo as suggested by Alpha2late17, to take down Kaido.
The next arc will be incredibly interesting considering that alliances will finally begin to make their moves and we will finally see who will be enemies and who will be allies. Considering that the Kid Pirate Alliance will go after Yonkou Red-Haired Shanks, we may actually see some cross-conflict between the Strawhats and the Kid Pirates. After all, Luffy is Shank's protégé.
But will we ever see the Kid Pirate alliance attack the Yonkou? Chapter 795 showed Kaido appearing before them. Will Kid's alliance link with Kaido or will he be crushed by him?

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