Sunday 9 August 2015

NVIDIA Shield users can use GRID game streaming for free until September

nvidia shield tablet first impressions (4 of 9)
NVIDIA’s promise to cater console-quality game streaming to the masses is enticing, but it is taking the company quite a bit of time to deliver. The NVIDIA GRID service was announced in the beginning of 2013, but has been under beta since then, only available to those who decide to buy into the platform and grabbing a Shield device.
These users have been enjoying GRID streaming a couple years for free, which is a nice treat… one that is not ending soon. While we have been expecting a release, since May and July, those months have come and gone with no good news. Now NVIDIA has updated its site to let us know Shield users can continue using the GRID streaming service free of charge until September 2015.
nvidia shield tablet first impressions (4 of 9)
That is really a nicer way to say the launch has been delayed significantly (even if it may make some of you happy). When we finally see GRID officially being released, there will be a subscription-based model put into action (much like Netflix, Hulu, etc.), as well as full games you will be able to purchase individually.
Just in case you are not in the loop, we are talking about streaming high-end games with console-quality graphics here. And latency is said to be minimal, making it possible for gamers around the world to play state of the art titles without expensive hardware – they would just need a stable and fast internet connection.
Nvidia GRID game streaming
Pretty awesome, right? September is only a month away, so sit tight and be patient. I mean, we have already waited over 2 years; can’t hurt to hold on for a bit more! I just hope they don’t extend the delay again.


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