Sunday 2 August 2015


IBM to Purchase Up to 200,000 Macs Annually

IBM will soon buy 200,000 Macs for its employees

While iPad demands and sales keep on dropping, the same can't be said for Apple's much-adored Mac.
Amid the last quarter alone, Apple sold 4.7 million Macs. This point to 9% increase from the same quarter a year-back.
Also, now comes the word that Apple's Mac may get a little help from IBM to buy 200,000 Macs every year for its employees.
This news of IBM's new Mac activity comes by the means of video. The video shows the IBM CIO Jeff Smith telling about the conversation he had with the Apple CIO Niall O’Connor.
The various transcripts of the video shows Jeff Smith asking Nial about their largest customer and in response Apple’s CIO indirectly refers to him by saying “Well, that customer has got about 25,000 MacBooks a year.”
In the response Jem Smith proposes the idea of selling around 200,000 MacBooks to IBM per year for all employees.
Apple’s CIO seems excited and responds in a positive way by setting a meeting with the team for next week.
Apart from this video, in a separate video Smith also details the discussion between Tim Cook and IBM Vice President Fletcher Previn.
In this video, Previn showed the activity could see 50–75 percent of IBM workers switching over to Macs from the Lenovo ThinkPads.
While nothing is confirmed now. The partnership is expected to perform wonders in tech world.

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