Tuesday 18 August 2015

Comic Market 88 Attracts 550,000 Across 3 Days


The Comic Market 88 (Comiket 88) event in Tokyo drew approximately 210,000 attendees on its third and final day on Sunday, August 16, bringing the three-day total to 550,000. In comparison, Comiket 86 also drew 550,000 across three days last summer. Comiket 87 attracted 560,000 across three days in December 2014.
Comiket 86 and 87 also drew 210,000 on their third days.
Comiket 88 attracted 180,000 attendees on its first day on Friday and 160,000 on its second day on Saturday.
First-day attendance was up from 170,000 at Comiket 86 last summer, but was the same as Comiket 87 in December. Second-day attendance was down from the 170,000 recorded at both Comiket 86 and 87.
Around 11,500 doujin circles (groups of self-published artists) participated in the event on Sunday.

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