Saturday 8 August 2015

After Dominos, now KFC fails quality tests in Uttar Pradesh

Bowl full of trouble?
Bowl full of trouble?
After Dominos failed food quality tests in the Western part of the Uttar Pradesh, notices have been served to KFC after its ingredients failed quality tests.
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The matter has been reported from the Allahabad district where the Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) confirmed the adulteration.
According to reports, the FSDA had collected samples of edible oil from a KFC outlet, the franchise of which is owned by Yum Restaurant Private Limited. After tests, it was found that "miracle powder" was being used to keep the oil fresh. The palmolein oil was also found rancidity positive.

"Once the oil becomes rancidity positive, it becomes acidic when it comes into contact with oxygen. This directly affects the digestive system", additional commissioner of the FSDA Ram Araj Maurya said. The department has served two notices to the KFC outlet, he added
Meanwhile, troubles continued for  Maggi in Uttar Pradesh as some more samples failed the quality tests of the FSDA. "About 500 samples were collected from various districts of the state and three additional samples were collected from the Barabanki district.

All of them have failed quality tests. The lead content in these samples were found above the permissible limit of 2.7 parts per million and we are further sending it to the central FSDA", Maurya added.
In July last month the FDA had cancelled the license of the Gajraula outlet of Dominos in the Amroha district after its tomato sauce snack packing was found unsafe for consumption after tests in the Kolkota laboratory.

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