Monday 6 July 2015

Hello Gello! A Chromium Based Browser for Android by CM

Android ROM developerCyanogenMod (“CM”) has announced that it is working on Gello, an open-source browser based on Google's Chromium browser, offering several customization options for Android.
Chromium is an open-source version of Google’s Chrome browser. CM plans to bring loads of customization to Chromium by introducing innovative features to the upcoming Gello browser.
Some of these features allow users to rename and relocate downloads, to swipe through open tabs, as well as offer privacy setting site wise.
Added features that CM plans to include are a power saver mode, a night mode, an immersive mode that removes advertisements and pictures that surround an article, and a feature like save for offline reading mode use.
Gello won’t be released on Cyanogen OS, which runs on OnePlus One phone. It will, however, be available in a future version of CyanogenMod’s Android ROM.
The Gello browser targets those who prefer Android Open Source Project (AOSP) instead of Android. Since details aren’t available, it’s not clear whether it can be installed directly on Android devices.
Gello is Surely Expensive
Gello is on the expensive side. Joey Rizzoli, a CM team member said that Gello will not be available on "low end devices or devices with small system partitions, they'll get the AOSP Browser instead ".
Going forward, Rizzoli stated that the team intends to introduce more interesting features.
The release date for Gello has not yet been fixed. However, it will have an open source license allowing anyone with sufficient imagination or programming skills to add to the project.

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