Friday 19 June 2015

Start your own ISP Company in India

How to become an ISP in India ?

Are you looking to start your own ISP (Internet Service Provider) in India ? If yes, you are at the right place.
This article will help you get started and will explain the steps on how you can start your own Internet service business in India.

How to become an Internet Service Provider ?

Starting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business is not an easy task but if planned well and with access to right resources is not impossible either.
The biggest challenge to becoming an ISP in India is the huge amount of initial capital required for the licensing, equipment and infrastructure. Internet Network bandwidth, equipment cooling and power sources are all resources that have to be planned and executed properly.
  • Find a suitable building to use as the ISP’s data center :
First you will need a place to host your data center. To start with, it can be a small room but with raised floor. It will help you route the cables easily.
  • Purchase and install UPS (Power Backup Solutions), a diesel power generator (In case of power cuts) and other electrical equipments and mounting units
UPS and diesel generators will help you in case there is a power outage in the city you are in. You will also need to ensure that the data center has got proper cooling equipments so that the equipments do not get hot.
  • Arrange bandwidth with at least one or two upstream Internet service providers
Your ISP needs to have its network bandwidth in order to provide Internet services. You will need to purchase bandwidth which you will resell to your clients. If you want help in purchasing bandwidth, please contact Wiber Broadband to buy ISP bandwidth
  • Buy high-speed fiber optic lines to connect to the upstream Internet provider(s)
You will need to connect your Data Center to the ISP upstream so you will need to either buy fiber optic lines or use a Wireless Link. If you need help in deciding what is best for you, let us know and we will help you plan that out.
  • Purchase, install and configure enterprise-grade ISP equipments (Routers, switches and computers for server purpose)
You will need good quality hardware in order to provide a good service. If you settle for low cost solution, you will often be dealing with slow performance complaints from your clients which obviously is the last thing you want to deal with.
  • Create a sales and support strategy
You will need to create a sales team and after sale support team in order to sell and maintain your services. We can help you create broadband plans and help you with the marketing (Website designing, internet marketing and creating support channels)
  • Acquire Licenses
This is the most important aspect of starting an ISP company in India. You will either need to apply for your own License (too costly and time consuming) or you can contact us and we will help you share a license with our partners and associates. That ways you will have to pay very little amount of money and can start an ISP legally.
  • Start Selling
Once you have done everything you can start selling and enjoy the returns on your investment.
The whole process takes from upto 21 days to 2 months depending on the planning, feasibility and a few other factors. Our team at Wiber Broadband is committed to help you through the process and make sure that you start your own ISP company in India with lowest investment and highest returns.

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