Friday 26 June 2015

Lexus claims to have finally created a working hoverboard

Lexus, the luxury car brand, seems to have created its own hoverboard. But the automaker did not provide many details except for a video and some pictures of the flying skateboard. The page says the SLIDE creates “frictionless movement” using magnetic levitation, thanks to magnets that use a superconducting system cooled by liquid nitrogen (hence the smoke coming from the board in the photos).

The video is short and doesn’t reveal much, you can’t actually see it working, but Lexus ensures it is not a fake. In their promotional website they claim to have created a real and functional hoverboard. This is not the first time someone tries to create a working hoverboard. Previous models generally relied on superstrong magnets to stay in the air. But the more weight you add to board, the stronger these magnets had to be. Also, devices that work on superconductors can only function above special magnetic surfaces, and the SLIDE appears to be floating over concrete.
 The Lexus hoverboard is part of the company’s Amazing in Motion campaign, through which the company aims to demonstrate how “amazing things can be achieved” when technology, design, and imagination are combined. The board has been under development for over 18 months by teams in Germany and England, and is currently being tested by a professional skateboarder in Barcelona, Spain.

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