Saturday 18 April 2015

How To Send Free SMS Anonymously in India

As we all know sending free anonymous text message have become very hard and there are very least sites which provide this facility, if they do so they charge heavy money from their customers. Many people didn't like to pay a penny for this. They just want those site which gives them the opportunity to send free and anonymous message to their friends, relative, many more. So this post is really for them, I hope that they will as well as all the people who read this will also like it.

The main purpose of sending these messages are:

  •     To fool/fraud people
  •     To gain money from innocent or illiterate people
  •     Or it may be as a joke played to you by your friends, relative, or others

How To Send Anonymous Free Messages?

There are very very very least sites which provide the facility to send free messages anonymously. But I have found such a site which provide us to send free message anonymously.

Features of this site:

  •     No Registration or Login required.
  •     Send Unlimited 160 Characters Sms.
  •     Check Message Delivery Report in Real Time.
  •     They Don't Include Any Ads Along With Your Sms.
  •     Very High Speed Message Delivery System.

Steps to send message:

  •     Visit this website: Smsti
  •     Write the victim's phone number and message
  •     Then click on Send
  •     You will be asked to write the words which you will see in a picture, provide them these words correctly
  •     Finally Click on 'Agree to Terms'

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